lunes, 23 de abril de 2018
Despacho 24H. Virtual Office
This page allows you to use the virtual office of your property management agents. Using this service you will be able to easily advise of changes to your bank payment details, breakdowns, problems, send mensages etc.
Also from the Virtual Office you can query information regarding your property or estate which is made available by your managing agents e.g. minutes, meetings, periodic accounts along with information pertaining to your private residence for example, outstanding payments, current balance and other bills.
General access code
Personal access code
Remember details
Remember details

. The system for user access codes has been updated.

If you still do not have you access details, enter using your general access code and select the option "Change Password".
How do I gain access?
In order to access the service it is necessary to enter your Access details.  There are two types of access codes, General and Personal. The access details can be General (provided by your Management Company) and/or Personal. To configure your Personal code, access the Despacho24h. with your General access code.

If you do not have an access code then please contact your Management Company who will supply you with one along with information about this service. If you wish you can view a demonstration of this service by clicking the button VER DEMOSTRACION.
If this service is not available through your Managing Agents then you may request it. If you wish to search for a company which offers this service amongst others then you can browse in our business directory here: Administradores de Fincas e Intermediarios Inmobiliarios.
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